Helping You Grow Your Business Through Social Media

Connect with your target market and expand your customer base with the help of Checkmate Social Media. We offer advertising services to clients in the U.S. Whatever the size of your business, trust that we’ll give you the support you need so you can successfully promote your brand to your audience.

Our staff members are experts in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Because of our skills and experience in online marketing, we have built a stellar reputation among our clients over the years. We leverage the power of words and the Internet to help you improve your bottom line.

Facebook Advertising

A lot of people around the globe are Facebook users, which makes this type of advertising a cost-efficient way of promoting your brand. On top of that, this social media platform has amazing targeting capabilities, allowing you to focus your campaign on a specific market. Facebook advertising can also effectively push on-the-fence leads down the funnel.

High Quality Video Production

We also provide high quality video production specializing in aerial and 4k video. We can create the content you need to propel your business advertising to the next level.
Over 12 years producing content for fortune 500 companies.
We have worked with a number of high profile clients – Universal Studios, CNN, Nike, Forbes, Maxim, Adrenaline Films, Orlando Sentinel, Sundance, AOL and many more.
If you would like these services please contact our partner website for more information.

Instagram Services

We can help you gain more followers within your target market. By getting to know your audience and maximizing Instagram tools, we can draw more people to your business and interest them in your products, services, or events.

YouTube Services

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos? If you want to get more views and targeted traffic on this platform, we are the right team to turn to. We’ll come up with a plan on how you can build a solid base of subscribers and extend the reach of your videos.

Twitter Advertising

When carefully planned and executed, Twitter advertising can provide you with an additional stream of traffic, customers, and revenue. If you need assistance in setting up your marketing campaign on this social media platform, we will be glad to lend our expertise to you.

Customized Packages

Upon request, we can make a custom package that specifically targets the needs of your business. Our team takes the time to study your products or services as well as your audience. This way, we can create a marketing strategy that will position your business for growth.

Additionally, if you want to promote your business through some of the most popular online marketing strategies in the world, such as Facebook advertising and Google ads, reach out to us. We are more than willing to help you.


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