Drive Results That Meet Your Business Goals.

We are the best Digital Advertising and Marketing Firm for the Small Business Owner, and we aren't afraid to say so.

We combine Facebook ads, Website Creation and Local SEO Optimization,  Blog Creation and content management, and 
Social Media Marketing and content management, to provide our clients with the highest ROI and ROAS in the business.  

Together with a professionally m
anaged Google My Business Account by your own Personal Local SEO Expert, you will see why 100's of businesses have made the Checkmate Move and haven't looked back!

Benefits of Facebook Ads and Lead Generation

We help enable brands to efficiently scale Facebook advertising by providing the ability to quickly create hundreds of ads, Reuse targeting and content, Automate campaign optimization and easily categorize and analyze the ad creative.

80% of ad budgets produce ZERO results. With 12 years and 100's of clients we’ve learned what it takes for you to become an industry leader. Get a FREE full social media audit to identify exactly what is and is not working in your campaigns today.

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Scale & Optimize Your Social Media Sites and Ads

First-class optimization strategy and personalized strategic insights from your own dedicated account manager.  Original content publishing, and full social media management.  Effectively utilize the largest inventory of interest, behavioral, lookalike and custom audiences.

Retargeting strategy on multiple fronts: CRM, store visits, website retargeting and more. Advanced analytics and reporting on optimizations, creative and targeting execution. Provide advanced analytics & reporting to truly understand optimizations, creative & target execution.

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Local SEO

1.Optimize for Google My Business.
2. Improve your internal linking structure.
3. Optimize URL, title tags, headers, meta description, and content.
4. Add location pages your website.
5. Create local content.
6. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
7. Ensure your name, address, and phone number are consistent online.
8.Optimize online directories and citations.
9. Get inbound links with relevance and authority.
10. Engage on social media and add posts to Google My Business.

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Google My Business Listing and Manangement

Consistency is key. You literally need 24/7 monitoring with the latest tools to stay relevant. Managing Google My Business Listings, or GMB, requires constant attention to updates from Google, a content calendar & responding to all reviews. Hiring an expert from our team of GMB specialists will optimize your profiles for you and free up time to do more of what you do best.

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Looking To Promote Your Business Online? 

Our Packages Have Everything a Small Business Needs to Exist and Make Money Online, Professionally Created and Managed for One Affordable Price!

Create and /or manage Your Google My Business Page, Increase your Local SEO Google Search results with website creation / optimization,  Social Media page creation,  Blog creation, new content creation, Social media monitoring, reputation management, and social media Ad account monthly budget, all available for one monthly price!  

"Get It Going" 


a week*

Includes $999.99 One Time Setup and Optimization / Buildout Fee* 

*per location if separation is needed

Includes:  Local SEO, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Management, to get you started!

- Google My Business Page creation

-  Website  for your business
   - Built with Local SEO embedded  

- Local SEO for 3 Google Adwords or  Phrases

- Create/Manage a FB Business page, with 2+ new content posts a week

- $200 Monthly Facebook Ad account

( * may purchase additional website pages for $250 a page, one time fee )

"Make Us Better"


a week* 

Includes $999.99 One Time Setup and Optimization / Buildout Fee* 

*per location, if separation is needed

Includes:  "Get It Going" Local SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Package, Plus....

- Optimize your company's website for local SEO, Google Business, and Google local searches

- Blog Account Creation 

- Local SEO for 4 Google AdWords or Phrases

-  Instagram Business Page / Account

- Social Media Management of Facebook & Instagram Pages, 3 new content posts a week

- $350 Monthly Ad / Lead Generation Account For Facebook / Instagram

( Includes all "Get It Going" Package Services )

"Top 5 In the City"


a week* 

Includes $999.99 One Time Setup and Optimization / Buildout Fee* 

*per location, if separation is needed

Includes: "Get It Going" and "Make Us Better" Local SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Packages, Plus.....

- Reputation & Review Management        - We clean up web presence & monitor          it for life

- Creation of Blog Account,  with 1 New Content Post a Month

- Local SEO for 5 Google AdWords or Phrases

- Social Media Management of Facebook & Instagram Pages, 4 new content posts a week

- $600 Monthly Ad / Lead Generation
Account for Facebook / Instagram

( Includes all "Get Us Going" & "Make Us Better" Package Services )

Our Leadership Team

Checkmate has been able to build one of the top ad teams in the country & continously show clients an average of over 550% ROAS on ad spend.

Justin Matthew,
CEO, Owner

Justin is a business development and sales-and-marketing expert who has spent more than 17 years in the digital media industry. As the member of content and advertising portfolios for local, national and international associations, he has launched hugely successful advertising venues; created 1000's of ads for 100's of companies; Has been highlighted in numerous digital magazines and developed new sources of ongoing advertising revenue for clients.

It is no surprise that Justin is loved by his past and current clients with over 300 testimonials and ratings validating his results.

Bryan Whitehurst,
Chief Strategy Officer

Bryan Whitehurst is a former corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur. Bryan brings 25 years of business experience with a proven track record of growing multimillion-dollar companies. He attributes his success to positivity, passion, and compassion for people. 

Bryan's expertise includes creative branding, growth hacking, social influencing, SEO, and online marketing.

Christopher Bostrom , Senior Vice President

With over 20 years at 
Thompson, Bostrom & Associates LLC, Chris worked his way to partner of the employee benefits firm, where he was instrumental in negotiations for the sale of its sale to Acrisure the industry's fastest-growing insurance brokerage, in 2017. 

He is a valued asset and brings a wealth of business knowledge and acumen to the team. His focus in business analytics drives practical, data-driven results to the bottom line.

He is able to provides actionable recommendations based on the insights from research and analytics that are crucial to generating ROI.

Kellin Dunlop/Programmer

PHP web developer responsible for updating & creating new features on our website using PHP, MySQL, CSS. Optimizes conversion rates and page Load time · Weekly reports ·

Monitor GA and Apache logs for errors and areas for improvement. 


777 N Orange Ave, 32801, Orlando, FL, US

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Checkmate Social Media


777 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL, 32801, US

About Checkmate Social Media

Checkmate Social Media is a team of Orlando social media marketing  and social media ads experts.  When it comes to Facebook ads and marketing, or Local SEO through Google My Business GMB creation and optimization, we are better than anyone else, period.  Check our reviews or our company pages and see for yourself!

Checkmate Social Media is the best Facebook ads and marketing agency in the country.  We handle everything.   Whether you need a Facebook ads pro with proven lead generating results, to build your company's Brand Awareness with massive exposure on Facebook, you want to generate an approved potential client email list,  or simply more clicks to your website, or more Facebook likes and follows, we can  do all this and more.  
With Facebook ads, we will manage your account, develop a plan, create and evolve your ads and audience, and consistently produce results.  Our Facebook ads result in more leads and closes, that add more dollars to your bottom line.

Checkmate Social Media is the Orlando Local SEO king.   We accomplish this through Google My Business management and optimization (GMB).  This is the best way to rank at the top of your industry's local business search results.  If you want or need more local business or local traffic to your website, we know how to make this happen.

Enter your info and location above, along with your business wants or needs, and we'll get you your free quote!  

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